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Whether it's British Business Writing or Creative Writing I have the course for you, as well as the extensive experience, proven skills and industry knowledge to propel you forward to success.

Writing is the new talking

The way we interact with our smartphone is weird, don't you think? We have this brilliant communication device and yet we rarely use it to speak to each other. Instead we write, incessantly.

And we write with our thumbs, not our fingers. Big difference in communication. 

Work means we’re always ‘on’ like our phones. Like our laptops. And we’re constantly having to write – emails, reports, WhatsApp groups, one-liners, one thousand words.

So you, like me, are already a writer.

But together we can make you more confident. Certain of finding your voice, of persuading, of influencing others. Of making the most of the opportunity in every written communication to advance yourself and your views and your position. To move you forward from where you are. 

It isn’t important whether you want to work with British Business Writing for your job and career, or with Creative English for your work, pleasure or indeed career. Either way we’re going to use British English, with all its subtlety, complexity and power. 

I very much support the ethos of Nido Qubein

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

So let’s start, because the improvements, the gains, start right away. 

You’re not going to need to invest a load of time with me for some payoff deep in the future. The benefits to you begin as soon as we start, and they accumulate from then on, growing your confidence, growing your skills, growing you. 

You won’t fail at this. You can’t fail at this. Because you’re already a writer. 

Let’s write together.

But why should you focus on writing, particularly in British English? Here are four reasons:

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