I am a Writer. I've Written a lot

I’ve been writing professionally – that is, people pay me to write – for about four decades. Back in the day that meant being paid $1 or £1 a word on occasion. But that day is seldom now! Now most of my time is better spent helping others write.

I’ve been everything from Staff Writer on SuperBike magazine to MD and founder of my own full-service creative agency, Exposure Works.  Features writer on Country Life and The Sunday Times HTSI. Marketing and Technical Consultant on the new Ineos Grenadier SUV for two years before launch, and copywriter for websites everywhere from the UK to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

So I can write for publications, websites, brands, and I can manage and organise other people’s writing. Right. And I can write books. I think I’ve done about nine or ten, from books on Harley-Davidsons and Jeeps to a business book on Generation Z, to writing others’ memoirs, to crafting Young Adult fiction. See below, or there's a round-up here

I deliver author talks to various schools on everything from inspiration for writing to creative writing classes. (You can contact my agent for this here.) And I regularly deliver multi-day workshops in the Middle East on all aspects of communication. (Contact details at the bottom if you wanted to discuss this.)

All of that experience has led to the British Business Writing Course and the Creative Writing Course. 

I've written the above to show you that I can work with you, help you on your writing journey - or indeed write for you. Because, although this is my website, it's not all about me - it's all about you. 

Just click on the thing that interests you and let's get going!

My Books

I had my first book traditionally published more than 30 years ago. Since then I have experience of both traditional and self-publishing. And I have experience of publishing both fiction and non-fiction. 

Fiction: The Treelogy series

Book 1

The Treelogy series, for ages 10-14. Would you survive?

Book 2

When fighting for the forest means fighting for your life

Book 3

Evil comes and evil must be pursued and beaten

Memoir Writing

As it says, the life and other accidents of Jim Dowdall, stuntman. I interviewed, ghost-wrote and published this memoir of a man who's worked on 8 James Bond films, Indiana Jones, Johnny English - you name it, he's worked on it and set fire to the T-shirt. 

Business Writing

I co-wrote this guide for corporations to onboard the newest cohort entering the workforce. Research, interviews, insights - it's all there. 


I think people are more interesting than things but some things are still pretty fascinating! Old Jeeps being one of those things, this is a look at some of the wild variants created, usually by the mother of necessity. There's some rare stuff here.